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IRD & Payroll Services

The payroll process is time-consuming and requires a lot of effort. Payroll errors can affect the revenue of the company adversely. Therefore, we have accumulated a list of the best payroll services NZ for you to use to manage your employees’ pay. Professional and experienced accountants provided by payroll services. We made sure these services provided excellent communication with my clients and an easy and hassle-free service. Your business size does not matter. Make sure you don’t make any mistakes. I recommend using a payroll software package that suits your needs.

  • My experience includes using Ace payroll, MYOB Essentials, Xero, Smart Payroll

  • Support for wage clerks and accounts administrators

  • Achievable using the cloud

  • Automatically send payroll information to IRD

  • Notify employers of IRD tax changes

  • Records of current employees are available

Payroll Software:

The choice is yours how you handle payroll – many employers use an Excel spreadsheet. It is conceivable to simplify the process by following one of these two ways:

  1. Using a cloud-based Payroll system, I can work remotely catering to all your payroll and IRD (Paye) requirements.

  2. Payroll software that can be managed onsite by one of your employees or an accountant.

Employers can run their own payrolls with payroll software. The entire process must be managed by me or a member of your staff, with the responsibility to correct any errors made. Software that allows you to do your payroll yourself has some advantages. A key benefit of payroll software is that you pay a flat fee regardless of how many employees you have.

Is Payroll outsourcing for you?

You can rely on Better Bookkeepers to provide you with a tailored payroll outsourcing or inhouse service, whether you are a business anywhere in New Zealand.  It can be time-consuming, expensive, and challenging to set up and manage an internal payroll system or learn a cloud-based payroll system. I handle all data entry and reporting and payslip generation, IRD filing, and any banking requirements you may have. Payroll outsourcing or inhouse is beneficial in many ways:

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Payroll Outsourcing eliminates the stress and time-consuming concerns associated with the ongoing needs and requirements of conducting payroll in-house each week.

Outsourcing payroll can free up business owners and managers to concentrate on other aspects of the company.

Payroll Outsourcing is a cost-effective solution that will enable you to save money!

Payroll outsourcing offers you payroll expertise right at your fingertips.

When should we file our payroll?

You will need to submit your employees’ pay information within two days of each payday under the payday filing system. If you pay weekly, you will need to submit IRD information every week instead of on the 20th of the month as you have done so far.

How do IRD payments work?

Payroll filing does not apply to your IRD payments; it only applies to your employees’ pay information. If your company is large enough, you can make either one payment on the 20th of every month or two payments on the 5th and 20th.

If your focus is not on your accounts, you may easily miss IRD filing and payments. Having Better Bookkeepers handle your accounts will relieve you of any stress and prevent any IRD late fees or penalties. Using me will allow you to focus on the business.