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Cloud Accounting involves keeping your business accounts online. These include income statements, expense reports, and asset and liability records. Information on the website is encrypted, much like a bank, so only those with the login can view it. The early 2000s were the first years when businesses began using cloud accounting software. Most systems come with tools for quoting, invoicing, managing bills, and more. Cloud accounting software enables users to upload their accounts online from a subscription. They will then be able to access their accounts via any web browser or mobile application. Most users have their business bank account connected to the program to flow directly from the bank to bank feeds within the accounting package used. As a result, they can save time on data entry.

I achieve client satisfaction through dedicated accounts and good teamwork. As an expert in bookkeeping, I can handle all of your Payroll, IRD, Cloud accounting, and Bookkeeping needs. Taking on this challenge excites me. Better Bookkeepers work with companies and individuals of all sizes. By handling your numbers for you, I make your accounts easy. I care about your numbers. A cloud-based package allows you to securely and safely access your financial information from anywhere.

  • Workplaces without paper

  • You should make sure the package you choose is right for your needs. My assistance is available.

  • Many packages are familiar to me – Xero, MYOB, Xero Hubdoc, Fergus, Workflow Max, Ace.

  • Transmitting receipts directly to MYOB & Xero

  • Dropbox is a good option to store all financial information for each year. Anyone can access this from any device at any time and anywhere.

  • A cloud accounting setup is available.

  • I also provide staff training at your office or remotely via Zoom or TeamViewer.

What are the advantages of cloud computing software for accounting?

You can access software hosted on the cloud from any internet-connected device. For example, business owners can access their accounting data and their accountants using online accounting software. It is capable of integrating with the entire ecosystem of third-party business apps. It is easy to use and cost-effective. You can run cloud apps without requiring a desktop installation. Payment for the software is by a monthly subscription.

How can your company benefit from cloud accounting?

Cloud accounting can be beneficial when used to take advantage of its additional digital connectivity and real-time data capabilities. Cloud accounting is ideal for companies with immediate access to detailed financial information, management information, and key performance indicators (KPIs). Furthermore, as most platforms offer open APIs, building apps and creating custom business applications is available to suit your business.

Here are some areas where using cloud accounting can benefit you:

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You can automate your banking, collect your cash, and reconcile your bank account, all means drastically reducing your office's administrative tasks.

Your management team has real-time access to financial intelligence and real-time reporting to make sound, informed decisions.

With a cloud accounting platform, you can pay your taxes much more quickly and easily. The accounting software records transactions as they happen, which can then be exported into the appropriate tax return template and sent digitally to the revenue department.

Taxpayers must maintain and file tax returns online and keep electronic records of those financial transactions. With a cloud platform, you're digital-ready and can send returns in the required format through MYIR.

Cloud accounting allows management and the finance department of your business to access all the key numbers wherever they have access to the web, allowing them to leverage the advantages of remote or flexible working.

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